Welcome to Grannies United

Welcome to GranniesUnited.com!

The Grannies United site has been designed to unite the community of grandmothers across the world. Our aim is for you to share the joy of being a granny with other grannies.

At GranniesUnited.com, we have a Forum Chat Room, where you can logon and talk to your fellow grannies. We also have a Reading Room where you can look at book reviews of our favourite books for our grandchildren (you can also submit your own review if you like).

Another great area you may want to visit is our Activity Room where you can seek out things to do to ensure you quality time with your grandchildren (again we encourage you to submit your own activity ideas to share with the Grannies United community).

As we love treating our grandchildren, we have a Product Review area for you to either pick up some gifts ideas to treat your grandchildren or to find out if a specific product is any good. 

Our focus is on grandmothers and their grandchildren, and as such we're mindful of the world and environment that these children will grow up in. With environmental and sustainability issues being the principal issues facing us in the future we have dedicated a Green Granny section to this subject.

Another area of note is our Granny Treats section. Being a granny isn’t always about looking after others and for that reason our Granny Treats pages identify great granny-pampering websites! Go on you deserve it!

Lastly, if you looking for ideas at those special times of the year why not  have a look at our Special Occasions section which covers a variety of subjects and issues surrounding special events.

We hope you enjoy our website and hope that you find some valuable information here.

Thanks for visiting GranniesUnited.com.

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