Best grandchild investments

What is the best investment for my newly born grandchild?

Investments for the long-term benefit of your grandchild
On the birth of a grandchild many grand mothers wish to put a little bit of money aside as a long-term investment for the grandchild.  This site is unable to provide any financial investment advice, since this is definitely the work of the professional investment advisors.  Before making any investments for your grandchild you will need to seek the advice of these professionally qualified investment advisors.  There will be different tax laws which affect each country, so investing for a grandchild is a very complex area.  The following are simply a few of our thoughts.

What things have we considered when making an investment for the long-term of a child?
There is much historic evidence that many stock markets have offered better returns in the long-term than what could have been achieved by putting the money in the bank.   It is worth noting that this may be mostly true for Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange it may not be true for many other stock markets around the world.

I want to give my grand-child the best chance of financial security in the future
Many grand mothers are in the fortunate position of having a little spare cash available for their grand children.   This is usually in contrast to the parents of a newly born grandchild who are often struggling to make ends meet.   It is because of this that grandparents often want to try and put a little bit of money aside for the grandchild.  Grandparents also often find that any bank account or investment will grow to be of great interest to the grandchild as he or she gets older.

What things should I start to consider before I speak to a financial advisor about the best investments for my grandchild?
You need to take professional advice, but it may make a discussion with a financial more fruitful if you start to consider as early as possible what you actually want from your grandchild’s investment.  For example you will need to consider what your approach to risk is.  For example if you want your money to be as safe as possible you may consider a government bond or a bank account.  If you are willing to take a larger risk for your grandchild’s investment then you may wish to invest in the stock market (but these investments could lose all of their value).

Things to consider with the parents when trying to do the best thing for the grandchild’s future
Grandmothers should consider very carefully how to discuss this financial investment approach with their son or daughter.  Many sons or daughters will be delighted and will know that as the child’s grandmother you are just trying to give the child the best possible start in life.  However some parents may take slight exception to the fact that the grandmother may appear to be interfering, so it is always worth proceeding carefully.  Doing the best thing may in fact in these cases be to actually be to do nothing.

Feedback on grandchild investments & doing the best thing for your grandchild
As always grannies united would love to have your feedback on this webpage on what to start considering when thinking about an investment for your grandchild.  At grannies united we are committed to making this on-line website the best site that it can be.  We can only achieve this if you continue to give us feedback.  Please email your feedback on how we can be the best to

Take varied investment advice to make the best informed investment decision
We must reiterate that if you want to do the best thing for your grandchild you must take professional advice.  Preferably from a selection of recommended sources.


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