Best Ideas For Babys First Easter Day

Best ideas for  baby’s first Easter Day with mom, dad, grandma & grandpa

Is this the best gift idea for baby to give mom & dad?
Easter is a special time of year with the family and it is important that we all try and make time to help baby out on baby’s first Easter day.   The following personalised Easter card is in our opinion the best gift ideas for mom and dad on baby’s first Easter, but as always if you disagree please email us at .

Personalised Easter Card: the best baby’s gift idea for mom & dad on baby’s first Easter Day
Celebrate baby’s first Easter by sending some Easter cards decorated with the baby’s handprint to mom & dad. Take a piece of card and cut into the shape of an egg. Using some non toxic water based (washable!) paint cover the baby’s hand and press lightly onto the card. Nothing could be simpler!

Other ways to enhance baby’s personalised Easter Card
• An alternative would be to decorate the egg shaped card using baby’s finger prints – this can be very effective and most enjoyable for a small child to do.
• Why don’t you stick a photograph of baby on the inside of mom & dads’ card to add that very personal touch?

Other ideas for baby’s first Easter
Some other Easter ideas are given below.  You will see that some of them may suit baby’s older brothers & sisters (or mom & dad!), but we thought you would find it useful to have the ideas on one page.

Chocolate Easter egg Hunt (with a twist)
Everybody loves a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt whether it is in the garden, the local park or the sitting room. To avoid arguments we have found that the best thing to hide is cut out cards in the shape of Easter Eggs which can then be traded for the real chocolate Easter eggs when the hunt has finished.  This slight twist on the game has helped decrease the stress levels for both the grandmas and moms.

Easter Bunny Ears (for mom, dad, grandpa & grandma?)
This is a simple and fun activity to do with grand kids aged between 2 and 8 years of age.  Baby will not be able to wear this, but we think baby enjoys watching grandma & mom wear something funny!!

To make the Easter bunny ears you will need:
• Scissors  (be careful with the kids)
• Card
• Pens and pencils
• Glue (be careful with the kids)
• Paint
Method to make the Easter Bunny Ears:
• Cut a plain strip of card to fit around the kid’s head rather like a crown.
• Glue the two ends together and allow them to dry.
• Cut some more card into the shape of two Easter bunny ears.
• Paint or colour the headband a suitable Easter bunny colour and repeat with the bunny ears.
• Attach the ears onto the headband.
• Place the completed Easter Bunny Ears onto your grand kid’s head and take a photograph for the family album!  This will make a wonderful memory for baby’s first Easter (admittedly this is mainly for mom, dad, grandma & grandpa).

Other ideas for baby’s first Easter with mom & dad?
If you need to look at some alternative ideas why not review our Valentine’s Day section in special occasions at .  We especially like the baby’s first Valentines Day page at which has consistently had excellent feedback.  Alternatively if you have any other ideas for baby’s first Easter Day gifts with mom and dad, or have any opinions on the above, please email us at

Enjoy baby’s first Easter day with mom and dad!! 


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